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Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland
Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland
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Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland

What is a Versatile Hunting Dog?

There are as many types of hunting dogs available as there are types of hunters and hunting. Most of the hunting dogs bred in North America are used for single purpose hunting. For example there are Labrador Retrievers used exclusively for water fowl hunting, English Pointers used only for upland bird hunting, and American Beagles employed for rabbit hunting.

While all function well within their individual areas of expertise, most single purpose hunting dogs are specialist, thus are bred and trained to be successful only when used for the few tasks necessary to succeed at their intended use.

If you're a Hunter that does only one kind of hunting and desires a dog that is trained only to perform one hunting task, then you need not read any further. It’s likely you'll be able to find what you’re looking for in one of the many specialist breeds available.

On the other hand, if you’re a hunter who enjoys a broader spectrum of hunting opportunities that involve all types of furred and feathered game, then you should consider the versatile Deutsch Kurzhaar. When properly trainined, the Deutsch Kurzhaar can perform any hunting task requested of it and out perform any of the specialist dogs that are used for hunting.

The formal definition of "versatile" is : “Having the aptitude for various tasks and occupations”. Be confident this definition accurately describes the extremely versatile Deutsch Kurzhaar.
Versatile doesn’t mean that a dog is capable of being trained to do any "single" task as well as any other dog. It means that a dog is capable, both mentally and physically, to be trained to perform a "multitude" of task; each task as well as any other dog that performs that task.

For example a properly trained versatile Deutsch Kurzhaar can easily hunt ducks with you in the morning, upland birds midday, retrieve furred game in the afternoon, and track a wounded deer for you that evening. It will play with your children in the house that night and watch over your family as you sleep. Who on Earth could ask any more of a hunting dog?

I’ve hunted many different types of game over the years in many different venues. I would be more than comfortable taking a Deutsch Kurzhaar with me in any hunting scenario I can imagine. A versatile hunter and a versatile hunting dog can become a formiddable hunting duo. That’s not to say that it doesn’t take some effort. Any quality hunting dog needs quality training and moreover deserves it. There’s simply no point in owning a Deutsch Kurzhaar, or any versatile hunting breed, without giving the dog and yourself the opportunity to excel.

If you’re the type of hunter that thinks having the perfect hunting companion is important, the type of person willing to take on the challenge of training your own dog, someone disciplined enought to put in the time and effort the Deutsch Kurzhaar deserves, then keep reading. It's likely you'll find information that will interest you within these pages.

We all know "A picture is worth a thousand words". To get a better of idea of what a well trained versatile hunting dog can do for you, check out the video of the Deutsch Drahthaar at the link below. Thanks to Forrest Moore of vom Moorehaus Kennel for letting me present this great video demonstration on this website. The Deutsch Kurzhaar, as well as the Deutsch Drahthaar, are bred and trained in the German performance based breeding program. Both are blessed with enormous talent. That said, I believe the Kurzhaar is blessed a litte more. :)

Keep in mind when viewing the video that one dog is performing "all" of the hunting tasks you see:


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Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland

Gary Fleming