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Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland
Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland
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Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland

Sales Policies:

In order to insure that each vom Sturmland puppy achieves it's maximum potential and is used for it's intended purpose, the selection of the right home for each puppy is a critical part of my responsibility as a breeder.

Preference will be given to hunters with experience training within the German performance based system. All pups will be sold to hunters that are members of a DKV or JGHV affiliated club. Hunters willing to make a commitment to participate in the system will be considered.

DKV and JGHV affiliated organizations in North America include: the NADKC, VCDKK, VDD-GNA, VDD Group Canada, and the DL-GNA. Links to those organizations can be found in the "Important Links" section of this web site.

My intention is always to encourage interested hunters to be part of the best system in the world for perpetuating a versatile hunting dog. Be sure that it's my intent never to sell a Kurzhar puppy to a non-hunter. If you're just surfing the web looking for a show dog, intend to register a vom Sturmland DK puppy in a non JGHV affiliated organization, or just want a pet, you should look elsewhere. If you just want to buy a registered DK for breeding purposes that goes double.

However, if you're a hunter that is truly interested in hunting behind one of the worlds most capable, and versatile hunting dogs, is willing to commit themselves to a rigorous training process, and gets satisfaction from hard work, then a vom Sturmland DK may be the hunting companion that you're looking for.

In rare cases special contractual arrangements may be considered in order to place a puppy in a particular home. In any case, all agreements regarding the sale of puppies will be agreed upon in advance of a sale and set forth in writing.

(See Contract Examples Below)



The documents below are examples of what a vom Sturmland agreement/contract or contract addendum may include. Each may be edited and vary on a case by case basis. The agreements, contracts, and addendums below are only examples. They were not prepared by an attorney or with legal advice. If you choose to copy and use any or all of the documents for buyer and seller or breeding transactions you do so at your own legal risk.

Click here to view an Example Breeding/Stud Dog Agreement

Click here to view and Example Buyers and Sellers Agreement

Click here to view an Example Addendum A - Co-Ownership Agreement of Buyer and Seller

Click here to view and Example Addendum B - Breeding Agreement of Buyer and Seller


Professional Training Services:

Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland offers force to retrieve training services on a limited basis. If you would like more information regarding force breaking training services and fees please contact Gary by phone or e-mail.

Ph: (850) 591-8726
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Here is an example of excellence in manner of retrieving the duck.

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Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland

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