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Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland
Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland
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Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland

Performance based Deutsch Kurzhaar Breeding Philosophy and the Performance Testing System:

It's common in the world of breeding dogs for a breeder to provide prospective puppy buyers a complex explanation of their breeding strategy. Usually such descriptions will include concepts related to linebreeding, inbreeding, outbreeding, or some variation thereof. Though each has there intrinsic value, the proof is inevitably in the pudding.

Though I would love to lay out a breeding strategy for all to see, and tell all prospective puppy buyers that it’s the plan I will always follow; that’s simply not practical. What I can say for sure is that it's my intention to assess the possible outcomes of every breeding prior to deciding to breed. Even with a detailed strategy and assessment the only true measure of the value of the parents for breeding is evaluation of the offspring they produce.

The one thing I can say for sure is that "I won’t breed to a dog becasause it's owner is a friend that I hunt with and I won’t breed a dog just because its geographically convenient. Convenience is not a consideration when selecting Deutsch Kurzhaar breeding pairs..

A legitimate performance based breeding program is premised on the concept of making every effort to select breeding partners that exemplify the capabilities of the breed. To me that means dogs should be bred for versatility, not towards one specific quality. As I mentioned above, it's only the measurement of the offspring that can truly bring to light the breeding value of the parents.

Premised on the sound German performance based breeding system, my intention is to strive to produce Kurzhaars that are capable of performing the very broadest spectrum of hunting  tasks. I am only interested in producing Kurzhaars that will perform with spirit, physical prowess, endurance, drive, enthusiasm, and good temper. The focus of my "breeding stategy" is to produce the most versatile, biddable Deutsch Kurzhaars available for the exclusive use of "real" hunters.

To that end, it's a large part of my personal breeding philosophy to strive to breed only Kurzhaars that I have hunted over and spent enough time with to be able to evaluate hunting abilities, conformation, and most importantly, temperament. Since the final outcome can only be seen in the offspring, it's important to begin with a first class recipe for success.

At the end of the day it's hunting performance that drives a good breeding program. Since vom Sturmland only participates in the German performance based breeding system, it follows that only Kurzhaars that have been determined to be fit for breeding, via that testing system, will be selected by vom Sturmland for breeding.

In order to measure the value of any breeding there must be a way of measuring the outcome. Infact, that's why the German performance based breeding system was created.
In my opinion it's the best system in the world for training, testing, and breeding versatile hunting dogs. That is so because the system was developed by real hunters for other real hunters.

Under the umbrella of the German performance based breeding system only kurzhaars that have met certain testing criteria, and exemplify ALL of the correct attributes of a versatile hunting Kurzhaar, are deemed "breedable"..
Kurzhaars that do'nt meet those comprehensive test requirements, and/or comformation requirements, are deemed "not fit for breeding" and are excluded from the breeding program.

Unrestricted breeding has led to the demise of the Americanized version of the German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP). That's the primary reasons many hunters have turned to the versatile hunting Deutsch Kurzhaar for relief from a wide variety of deficiencies. Simply put, real world hunters want real world hunting companions; not the progeny of unmeasured dogs produced by unrestricted breedings.

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Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland

Gary Fleming