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Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland
Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland
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Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland

Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland:

Vom Sturmland is a registered kennel with the German Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband. Vom Sturmland was established just outside of Tallahassee, Florida in one of the most biologically diverse areas in the Country. The adjacent Apalachicola National Forest and numerous Wildlife Management Areas make hunting opportunities plentiful.

Nearby Lake Seminole, Lake Eufala, and Lake Micosukee offer an abundance of water fowl. Deer, wild hog, and wild turkey hunting are all popular. Bobwhite quail hunting, is certainly not what it used to be, but there are still wild covey of birds available for hunting in the Florida panhandle and adjacent Alabama and Georgia. Both within an hours drive from Tallahassee.

Any avid hunter would be fortunate to have such a diverse environment to hunt in, and to train hunting dogs in. The hunting season can extend from late August to April for any hunter that enjoys all hunting venues; field, forrest, and water..

Through vom Sturmland, the North American Deutsch Kurzhaar Club (NADKC), and other affiliated organizations, I've had the unique advantage of meeting and sharing knowledge with other hunters that enjoy a variety of hunting activities.

Versatile Hunting dogs are scarce in the Southeast and the versatile hunting Deutsch Kurzhaar, as well as the German performance based breeding system, aren't well known. This is primarily due to the pervasive influence of more traditional dog hunting paradigms.

Though tradition certainly has it's place, and all types and methods of hunting can be fun, some of the more traditional hunters unknowingly deny themselves exactly what they've always dreamed of; a dog that can do it all!

Many of the original German Kurzhaar hunting bloodlines brought to the Southeast region, and to the U.S. as a whole, have been diminished by crossbreeding to other pointing breeds. Most of this crossbreeding was, and is done, for the sole purpose of success when competing in field trials. The bloodlines have been further diminshed because no structured performance based breeding system is applied.

It's a given that much of the dog hunting focus in the South is on dogs that specialize at one type of hunting. For example, many bird hunters use only English Pointers and/or Setters for upland bird work and only retrieving breeds such as Labradors for water work. In fact many use one breed to point game and send another breed to retrieve it. The German performance based breeding system offers those that are interested in a variety of hunting activities a better training system, and versatile breeds of dogs that can do it all.

First and foremost I am an ethical hunter, so my intention is to breed and hunt over dogs that are capable in every situation. I want a companion that is easy to live with and who is relentless when searching for dead or wounded game. What I kill is eaten, never waisted!

It is my firm belief that good performance in the field is primarily a function of a dogs good temperament. Like it or not, most of the time we spend with a dog is at home, not hunting. A dog that is well behaved, loving, and cooperative in the home will likely be the same in the field. In a nutshell my intention is to breed for excellence in both temperament and ability.

I would like to encourage other hunters that share my interest in a broad spectrum of hunting venues to contact anyone of the versatile hunting dog clubs listed on the "Links" page of this website and make arrangements to see for yourself the excellent temperament and outstanding abilities of the versatile Deutsch Kurzhaar, or any of the other versatile breeds produced under the same performance based breeding system.

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Deutsch Kurzhaar vom Sturmland

Gary Fleming